Do you sometimes feel lost, empty or hollow from within? Do you find yourself stuck in a loop of anxiety and worry? Are there times when you feel you lack the wisdom to see yourself through tough situations? Don’t worry, Renaé™ has the solution you need!

Through Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), We, at Renaé™ can help you realise and activate the creative potential and innate knowing that is within you. Learn how to connect to your own self, harnessing your intuition to find wisdom every time you need it. Discover how to integrate all  aspects of yourself and become completely self-reliant. Don’t waste the power hidden within you – unlock it with mBraining and feel the change!

What is mBraining?

Would you believe that you are far more intelligent than you realise? According to Neuroscience, you are! Studies have shown that we have three functional neural networks – three types of ‘brains’ we can use.

Accomplished leaders and business people know this – they often “listen to their heart” or “go with their gut”. They know this to be the secret of their success. And now, you can learn this secret too!

Renaé™ helps you to use mBraining to align your three ‘brains’ and access their power whenever you want. Make the most of your intelligence, overcoming any obstacle and living true to your fullest potential. Renaé™ helps you evolve into a more abundant you.

When do you need mBraining?

Do you sometimes find that making a choice or sticking to a decision is the hardest thing for you to do? Has this inability ever sabotaged your dreams, goals, or plans? Do you find yourself getting tired of this happening?

If this is true of you, mBraining is exactly what you need. Renaé™ helps you use mBraining to resolve inner conflict, get clarity, motivate yourself and eliminate negative emotions.

mBraining makes all of this a reality, completely changing the way you think, feel, and engage with the world. Choose your own comfort and well being – choose Renaé™’s mBraining process.

How these techniques impact you?

Would you like the ability to use your emotions to make better life choices? Would you like the power that comes from combining your intellect with deep empathy to inspire and influence people around you? Can you imagine using your ‘gut instinct’ to motivate positive change for you and those around you? And can you believe that you can do all this simultaneously?

Renaé™’s mBraining Process makes you capable of all these things, and so much more! Learn how to identify and enhance the different kinds of intelligences within you, and to unify them. Excel at different ways of transforming your world. Learn to live in harmony, abundance, and peace with yourself & the world around you. With the mBraining training, Renaé™ lets you take charge of life and be the author of your own prosperity.

About ShaguftaChangévangelist

We can’t be what we need to be, by remaining who we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s right: success and self actualization require a deep transformation within us – not just who we are, but also how we think about who we are and what we need to do to change it for the better. My goal is to enable you to achieve just that.

Hi, I’m Shagufta Patel, and Renaé™ is my passion brought to life. Founded on the values of integrity, passion, and professionalism, Renaé™ will inspire you to live creatively, compassionately, and courageously.

Every session I offer – from Success Coaching, Essential Skills Coaching, Image Management, mBraining to Subconscious Change therapies – is dedicated to developing and enhancing your self-awareness, improve and actuate permanent self-improvement and enabling self-empowerment.

Walk with me, and I will teach you how to transform your inner and outer selves to create the path to your own well-being and success.

Don’t go through life passively, learn how to grow through life. Find The Spark of Change within you!

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Questions about therapyThe Most Common Questions

How long does it take for tangible results to start manifesting?

Tangible results begin manifesting from day 1. However, what kind of result it is will depend on the specific issue being addressed. Sometimes the result is a major breakthrough from the get-go. At other times, especially for deep-rooted issues, the result is an important bit of clarity that will lead to a breakthrough at a later session. But each session definitely culminates in results.

Will this course help improve my professional life or my personal life?

Because the mBIT Process enhances your integrated intelligence, teaching you to use the cumulative excellence of different modes of intelligence in different situations, it will help you improve every part of your life, including the professional and personal facets.

What are some of the health benefits of this process?

The mBIT Process is remarkably effective when it is used to cope with and remove unwanted mental states, and replace them with healthier ones. The process does wonders even when the case is severe or chronic. It is also remarkably useful in reducing stress, dealing with addictions, changing harmful habits, and dealing with chronic health problems, especially those involving the heart or the gut.

Is this process like going for therapy?

The mBIT Process was developed based on the path-breaking research by Dr. J Andrew Armour (in neuro-cardiology) and Dr. Michael Gershon (in neuro-gastroenterology). Dr. Armour introduced the concept of a functional “heart brain” in 1991, showing that the heart contains a complex intrinsic nervous system that can be qualified as a “little brain.” Years later, in 1998, Dr. Gershon found similar evidence about the gut in his book The Second Brain: A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine. The mBIT Process is a result of these major scientific breakthroughs and their implications. The data and information about this process is provided in the book mBraining by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka.

Are there any unwanted side-effects of this course?

There are no side effects of the mBIT Process – it is completely non-invasive and is not based on medication or even lifestyle changes, instead, it depends on voluntarily applied techniques of thought. Therefore, it is 100% safe.