Are you tired of waiting to be successful? Do you feel that only skill is not enough to achieve success? Are you ready to transform your life? Renaé™ offers you a chance to reach the success you have always wanted – are you willing to accept it?

With Renaé™’s Success Coaching Services, you can learn the practices and perspectives you need to make your mark in the world! Find your prosperity and take control of your destiny, making success your lifestyle. With Renaé™, success is just the beginning for you – and there’s no looking back!

What is Success?

Do you think that to be successful you need a lucky break? If you do, you (and countless other people) are totally mistaken. At Renaé™, we know that success is always a choice – it is a deliberate way of life.

Renaé™ can help you create your own success, on your own terms, no matter what your profession or goal. Not only can you easily reach milestones in your career that others only dream of, you can also make yourself irreplaceable and unstoppable at what you do.

With Renaé™’s Success Coaching services, learn to make success a result of who you are; learn to make success your habit. Own up to this power, and upgrade your life – today!

What does Success Coaching entail?

Did you know: Success is both progress as well as the result of thoughtful planning. With the Success Coaching services offered by Renaé™, you can learn how to

  • Clearly define your goals,
  • Understand what they require and
  • Work towards them with ease.

Clear your perspectives on yourself and your success by transforming any beliefs that hold you back and turning them into fantastic opportunities for your growth.

Focus on your strengths and goals, building them up and bypassing those things that distract you from your prosperity. Motivate yourself to consistently grow beyond your limitations.

Renaé™ is always by your side to guide you towards your own abundance, and to help you arrive at your success. Are you ready for the journey?

When do you need Success Coaching?

Do you feel that there are gaps in you that often keep you from being successful or achieving your maximum potential? Would you like to find and fill these gaps, optimising the way you function, finding unshakeable focus and commitment towards your own prosperity?

Do you want to feel the joy of creating your own abundance with ease and enthusiasm, while taking full responsibility for your achievements, and being an inspiration to everyone around you? If so, then Renaé™’s Success Coaching services are exactly what you need.

At Renaé™, we take your success very seriously, and so should you! We teach you practises, perspectives and techniques that help you access a potential you never knew you had, and create the wealth and abundance that astonishes the world around you. At Renaé™, the only priority is you.

About ShaguftaChangévangelist

We can’t be what we need to be, by remaining who we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s right: success and self actualization require a deep transformation within us – not just who we are, but also how we think about who we are and what we need to do to change it for the better. My goal is to enable you to achieve just that.

Hi, I’m Shagufta Patel, and Renaé™ is my passion brought to life. Founded on the values of integrity, passion, and professionalism, Renaé™ will inspire you to live creatively, compassionately, and courageously.

Every session I offer – from Success Coaching, Essential Skills Coaching, Image Management, mBraining to Subconscious Change therapies – is dedicated to developing and enhancing your self-awareness, improve and actuate permanent self-improvement and enabling self-empowerment.

Walk with me, and I will teach you how to transform your inner and outer selves to create the path to your own well-being and success.

Don’t go through life passively, learn how to grow through life. Find The Spark of Change within you!

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Questions about therapyThe Most Common Questions

Is this a short-term or long-term engagement?

The duration of the engagement depends on the specific goals that you have hired your Success Coach to help you with. But, in general, a longer-term engagement gives you the time to achieve your goals, see the results and plan better for the future. Of course, some people find the process of coaching so beneficial that they continue the engagement for much longer than they had originally envisioned – but this needn’t apply to all cases.

How long does it take for tangible results to start showing?

Because Success Coaching is an action-oriented engagement that seeks to help you achieve your specified goals, how long it takes for results to show depends on the goals themselves. One thing is certain though:  you will start seeing tangible results very clearly even before the ultimate goal is achieved.

Can this service be used no matter what my profession?

Yes. Your Success Coach can help you achieve your desired goals and targets no matter what your profession is. Every profession has its own parameters of success, and this process can be applied within any set of parameters to enable you to achieve tangible results and move towards success. All that is required is for you to have clarity on the goal you choose to set, and for you to work honestly and sincerely with your coach towards achieving that goal.

Will my coach influence my career decisions?

Your Success Coach is an objective, positive guide, whose job it is to motivate and enable you to attain whatever goals you wish to achieve. Therefore, aside from advising you, leading you to clarity about what you actually want, and helping you to achieve it, every decision you choose to take, either professionally or personally, is yours alone.

Can I trust the confidentiality of the coach?

Yes, you can completely trust the confidentiality of your coach. Success Coaching is based on your engagement with a coach who is a reliable, non-judgmental guide on your journey to success. Your Success Coach is your motivator, your sounding board, your strategist, and your voice of reason – your success is their priority. Just like an Image Manager or a Life Skills Coach, your Success Coach is on your side right from the start. Their relationship with you is based on transparency, honesty, and trust – and for Image by Renaé™, your trust is sacred.

Will this coaching have any effect on my personal life?

While Success Coaching is used to achieve goals and targets at a professional level, many of the skills you will learn can easily be applied to your personal life and can benefit you immensely.

Can this coaching be done remotely?

While a face-to-face engagement is always preferred, this coaching can also be very effective when conducted remotely. For more information on how to do so, contact