Do you know you create your own opportunities every time you interact with the world? Have you come to suspect that success and good fortune are never accidental or random? Are you ready to empower yourself with opportunities, take charge of your life, and create the success you want to live?

Renaé™ has some great news for you!

All that the world sees of you is your image – and success comes from taking charge of precisely that. With our premium Image Management Services, Renaé™ can make your image your power, showing you how to be the image the world envies! Charm the world by being more than yourself.

Stop chasing success. Instead, make success your lifestyle. Remember, what they see… is what you get!

What is an Image?

Do you realise your image is your only means of engaging with the world? It’s true! Your image is the only thing people perceive of you. It defines you –telling the world who you are, what you can achieve, and why you should get what you deserve.

It is a universal truth that power, influence and success only come to those who make an impact. In fact, to be outstanding and highly valued, your image needs to be your impact. And Image by Renaé™ helps you achieve just that.

With our Image Management services, you can make your image dynamic, inspiring, and influential. You can ensure your image is always irresistible and highly valued.

Your image is your identity. Renaé™ helps you own it and let the world know you have arrived!

The importance of an Image

What is your most important asset? It is your image.

If you manage it and use it well, your success will exceed even your own expectations. If you ignore it or grow careless about it, success will not only be uncertain, it will be rare. Which of these do you want?

Did you also know your image is always evolving? It changes every day, with every change in your beliefs, lifestyle, and desires. To manage your image, you need to align it with your goals. You need to make your image and actions work together to bring you success.

This is precisely what Renaé™’s Image Management services will help you to achieve. With us, you can easily build an image that will help you look great, feel confident, and know that you are unstoppable! Your image will become your truest self, your vision and the promise of your success.

Join Renaé™: manage your image – make your own destiny.

How can an Image be managed?

Are you wondering: Why must an image be managed anyway? Why not just lie, impress the right people, and get done with it? The reason is simple: only the truth is sustainable. Anything based on a lie cannot last.

At Renaé™, we don’t let you lie about who you are – we teach you to be yourself and reveal the best of you in collaboration with your goals. And that is why managing an image requires constant awareness and dedication. Does this sound difficult?

In fact, it’s really very simple. Renaé™ helps you manage the ABC of your image: Appearance; Behaviour & Body Language; and Communication. You learn to enhance the way you communicate – visually, vocally and verbally (with others and with yourself). You get skilled at enhancing and presenting the best of yourself – from your outward personality, to your sense of style, to the reflection of your inner being.

This way, you grow not only successful but also grow as a person. After all, isn’t the best kind of growth comprehensive as well as holistic? Join us at Renaé™ and conquer your life!

About ShaguftaChangévangelist

We can’t be what we need to be, by remaining who we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s right: success and self actualization require a deep transformation within us – not just who we are, but also how we think about who we are and what we need to do to change it for the better. My goal is to enable you to achieve just that.

Hi, I’m Shagufta Patel, and Renaé™ is my passion brought to life. Founded on the values of integrity, passion, and professionalism, Renaé™ will inspire you to live creatively, compassionately, and courageously.

Every session I offer – from Success Coaching, Essential Skills Coaching, Image Management, mBraining to Subconscious Change therapies – is dedicated to developing and enhancing your self-awareness, improve and actuate permanent self-improvement and enabling self-empowerment.

Walk with me, and I will teach you how to transform your inner and outer selves to create the path to your own well-being and success.

Don’t go through life passively, learn how to grow through life. Find The Spark of Change within you!

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Questions about therapyThe Most Common Questions

Is this a short-term or long-term engagement?

Although the recommended timeframe depends on your specific needs, most people prefer a long-term engagement. This is because, as your image gets more enhanced, newer possibilities and opportunities for growth emerge. To capitalise on these opportunities requires a sustained effort, which means you need to be in it for the long haul.

How is this different from Fashion and Styling?

Fashion and Styling are, simply put, only about what you wear and how you look. An Image Manager helps you with so much more. Your image is not only about how you appear, it is also based on how you perceive yourself, what you believe about yourself, what you believe about the world and its engagement with you, and what you should do in this engagement. Through all this, your image consultant is your constant companion – someone on your side who helps you with practical solutions as well as personal clarity.

Can this service be used no matter what my profession?

Your image doesn’t depend on your profession – it depends on what you want your impact and influence on the world to be. It determines the basis on which the world engages with you. That is why, regardless of what your profession is, Image by Renaé™ can help you build your image and attract opportunities and success.

Will my Image Manager influence my career decisions or personal choices?

Your Image Manager will never control anything about you – neither your decisions nor your personal choices. This is because your Image Manager’s job is to inspire you, advise you, guide you, strategise with you, and empower you to take charge of your own life. This is the only way you can establish an authentically influential, durable, and successful image – by taking responsibility for yourself.

Your engagement with your Image Manager will provide you with a great amount of clarity, focus, and insight about yourself, your desires, your beliefs, and your actions. All of this will certainly enable you to take better career decisions and make better life choices.

Can I trust the confidentiality of my Image Manager?

Yes, you can trust the confidentiality of your Image Manager with complete certainty. For a process like this to be effective and successful, you must understand the nature of the relationship you share with your Image Manager. Your Image Manager is your guide, your coach, your motivator, your sounding board, your strategist, and your voice of reason. Just like a Life Skills Coach or a Success Coach, your Image Manager is on your side right from the start. Their relationship with you is based on transparency, honesty, and trust – and for Image by Renaé™, your trust is sacred.

What are some of the things my Image Manager will handle for me?

Some of the things that your Image Manager will help you with are:

  1. a) How you look, dress, and present yourself, both in general as well as in specific contexts. Your personal style, poise, and what your clothes communicate about you.
  2. b) Your body language, your conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns.
  3. c) The way you communicate – your choice of words, your tone, and how you carry yourself while communicating with others. This includes public speaking, interacting with individuals, and interacting with the media (in all its forms).
  4. d) Your perspective, attitude, and beliefs about yourself, your image, the world around you, your engagement with the world, and the motive behind this engagement.
How does an Image Manager differ from a Success Coach?

The functions a Success Coach and an Image Manager serve are considerably different, although, in certain cases, they might end up effecting the same changes or advising the same course of actions. People usually hire a Success Coach to focus on specific and general goals that are related to their profession, their business, or their academics. An Image Manager is responsible for the way you present yourself to the world and the way the world perceives you. As such, a Success Coach motivates and inspires you to take the appropriate actions to achieve your goals. An Image Manager, on the other hand, influences the impact you create through the way you are and how you engage with people.