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March 14, 2020by admin0

What if we told you that we can help you get rich? Sounds intriguing, right? Who doesn’t want to be well-off? In today’s world – with the inflation at an all-time high and the constant rat race to survive –all of us could do with some extra cash in hand.

Wondering how to achieve that?

As the saying goes – ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’, we, at Renaé, teach you the basic essential skill of ‘smart banking’. Banking can be complicated. There are thousands of banks, and once you select one, their disclosures, fine prints, and terms and conditions can confuse even the most experienced of consumers. This means, everyone has a love-hate relationship with banks. We can’t do without them, but we dread bank visits. Although the digital age has made visits to the banks a rare phenomenon, we seldom use the banking technology to its full potential.

For instance, today, no one is a stranger to credit cards. Who doesn’t get a credit card call at least once a week? Either people love it or hate it, but they can’t ignore it anymore. Most of us own one and use it to buy what we want –whenever we want them. No more waiting to receive or withdraw funds. Why wait, when we can buy what we need today! However, all of us have also heard some horror stories related to credit cards. Most advice about credit cards warn us about the dangers; the risk of getting into debt, and the potential for paying thousands in interest and fees. But did you know that if you use your credit card strategically, you can make it work for your benefit?

Here’s how Renaé comes into the picture. As part of our ‘Banking Products Maximiser’ programme, we teach you some creative ways to use your card, learn the rules, build your credit, and save and make money. But this solution is not limited to just card usage, the tailor-made offering is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to efficiently deal with banks and its services.

What’s more – the recommendations are customised and hyper-personalised for each and every client based on their specific and unique requirements that match their lifestyle. Here are some of the questions we will help you answer:

  • Do you need a card?
  • Which type of card suits your lifestyle?
  • What should be your card limit?
  • How can you earn more using your credit/debit card?
  • Which banking service is the most beneficial for you?
  • Is your bank giving you the best interest rate?
  • Which saving plans are the best for you?
  • Which services should you invest in?

Further, we will also help you navigate the journey of applying for loans. Whether it’s a car, home or personal loan, we will help you decide which one is right for you.

Our Banking Products Maximizer programme will help you save your hard-earned money while dealing with banks. So stay focused on your career growth, while we at Renaé help you handle your financial growth.

Get Aware… Grow Rich!


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