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March 16, 2020by admin0

All of us have come across viral videos of kids throwing tantrums for various reasons – parents refusing to allow them more screen time on iPad, not getting their favourite pizza, among others. We often regard these videos as cute, laugh it over, maybe share the content and move on.

However, parents know how difficult it is to cope with such anger outbursts in children. While it is tempting to ground them, yell at them and send them to their rooms as punishment, it is also important that we teach them how to cope with anger and control their emotional outbursts.

With changing times, school life and learning is becoming fiercer, resulting in extreme stress among children. The way that children handle this stress can be constructive or destructive. Anger and acting out are the most common reactions. In fact, according to a study conducted by National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS[i]), 80% of today’s Indian youth is angry, with a direct relation between aggression and academic performance. This alarming result highlights that teaching anger management to children is the need of the hour.

Anger does not simply affect our relationships with people but also has several harmful impacts on our body. It weakens our immune system, affects our breathing pattern and even leads to depression. Several studies have even deemed it to be life-threatening.

So, what can be done to steer the kids in the right direction? Let us start from the basics.

  1. Talk it out: Be a part of your kid’s life. Don’t give out your judgment until you have heard the full story. Talking often helps children calm down and work through the emotions in a better way.
  2. Get physical activity: Take them out for a game or two. Physical exercises help blow off the steam. You can also try yoga and meditation. Get involved with them.
  3. Leave the scene: Teach your children to take themselves away from the person/situation that is triggering their emotions.
  4. Set a good example: This is important. Keep your behaviour in check at all times at home.
  5. Seek counselling: Stress and depression are affecting as many children today as adults. Take professional help to go to the root of the anger issues.
  6. Try our SleepTalk program: Our SleepTalk process for children is designed to build and encourage self-esteem among children. A process that shapes the subconscious mind of your child while they are in a light sleep, but becomes their reality when they wake up. The technique empowers children to achieve their full potential without letting stress affect them.

Help your kids take control of their life with all positiveness for a great future! We, at Renaé, we believe that a small step taken at the right time goes a long way to give the budding generation the best that they deserve. Help them Cage their rage, today!



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