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Imagine this scenario – you have a big client meeting, and your presentation will decide whether or not your company wins the huge business deal. You have been preparing for weeks and are confident that you will do well. What you need to know, however, is that even before you say hello, everyone in the room has already formed their opinion of you. And this opinion will decide in which direction the deal goes. On what basis, you ask? What you wear, your body language, how you shake hands are some of the factors that play a role in creating the perfect impression.

Projecting an appealing image to create a good first impression is the key to success in personal, professional and social life. So, how can one achieve that?

People try all sorts of techniques to enhance their image – they buy expensive clothes, go to personality development seminars, go to gym to keep their bodies fit, and in some extreme cases, even try cosmetic surgery. But, all of these are temporary solutions. Unless we understand who we really are inside and outside, these won’t be as effective.

This is where ‘Image Management comes in. However, even before they understand the concept behind image management, most people snub it as a service for actors, sportsperson, and those with high profile jobs. Today, image management is for everyone – from a student to a homemaker, from an executive to a CEO.

Why Image Management

Your image defines you – it is your most important asset. It tells the world who you really are, what your potentials are and why you should be preferred over others. Investing in enhancing your image can improve your self-confidence, augment your social standing, and increase your credibility. Unless you stand out, you won’t be able to make an impact. We, at Renaé, help you achieve just that.

Ace the ABC of Image

Now that we have set the context on the benefits and importance of image management, here is how we can help. Renaé helps you manage the ABC of your image: Appearance; Behaviour and Body Language; and Communication.

  1. Appearance: Image consulting is not just buying nice clothes and accessories – it is all about identifying your personal style. We will help you dress according to your body shape, personal colours, role and goal in your company. We will ensure that we marry your personal style to the International Style Scale of dressing to create an authentic look. As long as you are true to yourself, people are bound to take notice.
  2. Behaviour and Body Language: Body language is one of the biggest factors in visual communication. For example: people shake their legs or bite their nails subconsciously when nervous – which create a negative impact. From how firm your hand shake should be to how to cross your legs when you sit, and from sitting posture to dining etiquettes – we cover all basic and advanced non-verbal cues.
  3. Communication: Learn how to enhance the way you communicate – visually, vocally and verbally (not just with others, but even yourself which is a huge factor in making you the person you are). From verbal to non-verbal communication, we will help you ace it all.

Be the best version of yourself with Renaé.

Connect with us today to look great, feel confident and make success a lifestyle!             


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