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We have already discussed in the previous article on what are Hypnotherapy and NLP. Here we are going to discuss how when combined together, the therapy works for children suffering from dyslexia, depression, anxiety, peer pressure, bed-wetting, habits such as nail-biting, and socially unacceptable behaviours such anger out-bursts & temper tantrums.

NLP Aiding Hypnosis

NLP helps us understand how information is absorbed & stored in our brain through our senses, and how each of the information is then interpreted based on our internal processing. For example, if a child comes in contact with a dog – the stored information allows the child to create a response on whether to pet it or run away from it, based on their past experiences. Using the pictures, sounds or feelings accompanying the information, it is possible for the therapist to understand the child’s dilemma or problems and make changes for the better.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective procedure. According to studies, it has been used for over 200 years in behaviour shaping and positive reinforcement in both adults and children. The newer programmes are specifically designed to help children to become better able in managing their own emotional states. It inspires and motivates them to engage in more learning opportunities in a fun and comprehensible way. It also encourages them to effectively communicate with other students and peers.

Understanding Positive Values

NLP with Hypnotherapy also allows in converting negative values into positives, like self-motivation, self-esteem, public speaking and confidence building. The negative values are harder to break and reform in grownups, so it is important to interpret external experiences in a positive way. It also helps shy children come out of their shell and become socially active, expressive and confident in nature, allowing them to reach a greater learning potential. These programmes also allow children to enhance their ability to deal with stress at school or with peers in an effective and constructive way.

If you see your child going through these issues, do not believe that it is a phase and will go away on its own. Seek help from a certified therapist to assist and resolve the problems. Connect with us at Renaé, to find out more about the use of NLP and Hypnotherapy to help your child get over stress, anxiety or any other issues that you think requires addressing.


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