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You know the odd feeling that you experience tickling in the pit of your stomach – like butterflies flying – when you are about to make a major decision? That is your gut brain trying to tell you the difference right and wrong. When your heart and mind are conflicted, a third player emerges – your intuition. Sadly, most of us often ignore it and go with what we think is the most rational choice. However, you may be missing out. Here’s why!

Recent neuroscience findings have uncovered that we have complex and functional neural networks — called brain in layman’s terms — in our heart and gut as well as our head. This effectively means we have three brains – in the head, the heart and the gut. According to research, these neural networks display amazing levels of memory and intelligence and are deeply involved in the control and processing of numerous functions and core behavioural competencies.

Functions of the three brains

These findings raise a fundamental question, ‘what is the need of three brains and what are their uses’? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The Head: Of course this remains to be the main element. Its responsibilities such as thinking and cognition fall under the ‘head brain’. It recognises things, makes meaning of them, creates narratives and masters language. It ‘thinks’ and ‘understands’.
  2. The Heart: This processes emotions. It ‘feels’ the values of relationships.
  3. The Gut: It is responsible for our safety and protection. It ‘alerts’ us about self-preservation, fear, and anxiety. It is also the centre of our core identity.

Only when we start understanding all three brains, we can start making better use of them. So, what are their main roles? One of the many powerful models emerging from the research work suggests that each of our brains has what is known as a ‘Highest Expression’. This is an emergent competency that represents the highest, most optimised and adaptive class of intelligence or competency of each brain. The Highest Expressions of each brain are:

  • Head – Creativity
  • Heart – Compassion
  • Gut – Courage

All of these competencies are vital to succeed today. For example, a recent study by Christina Boedker from the Australian School of Business of more than 5,600 people across 77 organizations found that the single greatest influence on profitability and productivity was a leader’s ability to be compassionate. You must have often heard accomplished leaders ‘listening to their heart’ or ‘going with their gut’.

Yet, most leadership training programs at schools and offices are severely lacking. We are taught how to add skills to our resume but are not taught how to achieve a balance between these three competencies. What is the secret of these accomplished leaders?

Source: The Awkward Yeti

We, at Renaé, can help you! Through Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), we help you understand all three brains and activate their creative potential. With mBraining, you can learn how to align the three brains and access their full power. We train you in connecting with your own self and harnessing the power of your intuition and emotions, alongside the power of your rational mind to enhance your decision making.

It is time to unlock the power to inspire thousands by combining your intellect with empathy and your intuition.


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