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Imagine how great it would be to have children who refill the water bottles in the fridge; who clean their room on time and help you out in household chores; and most importantly who finish their homework on time. When asked what trait they would like their children to develop the most – a majority of parents choose ‘responsibility’. However, being responsible is not just about completing chores. It is an attitude that benefits everyone throughout their lives. By teaching your child to take on responsibility now, you are teaching them to make responsible choices as an adult too.

It is not an easy task. You will need to try different approaches – sometimes harsh, while at other times tender – but your messaging has to be consistent throughout. You will need to step in and help them out, if and when they fail. There will be times when you will want to take the easy way out and do the work yourself, instead of making them do it. Below are the few reasons to understand why not to give up on teaching your children responsibility:

They learn accountability

When they start doing their own chores, kids become more accountable for their actions, and hence, put more thought into their behaviours. They also learn how to fix problems, be with a sibling or a classmate, inculcating in them a solution focused attitude.

Healthier lifestyle

Engaging in more chores means less screen (mobile / computer / TV) exposure for your kids. Not just this, each chore has its own benefits. For example: when they learn to cook, they depend less on junk food. When they learn gardening or housework, they have lesser chances of becoming obese. And, the list goes on.

More confidence

When children feel capable, they are more likely to sign on for new tasks, put in their best, and feel confident about what they do. All these are traits that ensure the makings of a future leader.

Responsible adults

Kids who can think on their own become independent adults, who make rational & well thought over decisions under pressure or otherwise.

Here are some tips that can help you raise responsible children:

Start small and start young

Don’t wait for your child to become teenagers to suddenly spring chores on them. As soon as they start walking, make them help you out in whatever tiny way possible. For example; children as young as five or six can help you wipe the dishes as you stack them in cupboards or help you water the plants.

Model responsibility

You may have a maid at home, but don’t depend on them for everything. They learn from you. Make sure you keep the dishes in the sink, or clean your desk yourself. Do it in front of them. Show them the way, so they follow suit.

Encourage them all the time

Do not take over when they take longer to finish something. Even a frown or a grumble is enough to dissuade them. Encourage them instead. Think of it as alone time with your children and turn it into a fun activity so that both of you can enjoy it.

Teach them financial responsibility

While household chores are a great way to make them more responsible, don’t forget finances. Start talking money. Ask them how they spend their allowance, and if you notice any extravagant expenditure, talk to them about the importance of spending money wisely.

Get a pet

A pet is the most fun way to teach your kids accountability – a method that the whole family can enjoy. However, make sure you oversee how they initially handle the pet. Don’t hurt an innocent animal in a bid to teach responsibility to your child.

Approach Renaé
At Renaé, under our ‘Essential Skills’ programme, we teach your child to take on more responsibilities and show more confidence in each and every activity they do. The learning empowers children to achieve their full potential to flourish into future leaders. Contact us and notice your child as a more responsible adult in the making!



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