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The universe is the interplay of the Universal Life Force Energy. We are One with it, whether we know it or not. Our thoughts, emotions, decisions and experiences are all manifestations of our energetic state of being.

We attract experiences and relationships that match our energetic frequency. On one end is light, vibrant and high frequency energy, which is rooted in love. At the other end is low-vibration dark energy, which is dense and rooted in fear.Challenges, conflictor lack of wellness are due to dense energy. When we stay with this, we remain trapped in fear and pain. But, when we change it into a higher-vibrating energy, we can learn from our challenges and emerge victorious. Energetic Change is this process of transforming energy.

Through Energetic Change, Renaé™ helps you harmoniously align to Universal Life Force Energy. Clearing dense energy revitalise your body, activating its self-healing mechanisms. It also brings you inspired intuition and clarity, resulting in fruitful decisions, joyful experiences and an abundant life. Let’s start the change today!

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Why is Energetic Clearing important?

Have you ever felt unsettled for no clear reason? Or sensed success or failure even before beginning a task? This is because you’re sensing the energy of things around you. If you feel stuck and suffocated, with no joy or inspiration, it’s time to pay attention to your energetic hygiene.

As an energetic being, you store the residue of energies you come in contact with. Whether it’s conflict, tensions or distress of any kind, you carry these energies within you wherever you go. This prevents you from accessing abundance, peace, clarity of purpose, an active lifestyle and meaningful relationships. This often manifests as emotional, psychological and physical illnesses, which is a reaction to this energetic burden.

Don’t worry: Renaé™ can help you clear this dense energy and tidy up your energetic environment. Once you do that, you will feel the lightness, focus, joy and deep peace of an unencumbered life. Your illnesses will ease up, enhancing your own exuberance and vitality. Change with Renaé™, and live free in a clear, energetic environment.

How to Clear and Heal Energetically?

According to ancient Indian wisdom and early energy medicine, energy is stored in and channelled through our chakras (energy centres). Trauma, false belief systems and other blocks to our personal growth destabilise these chakras, preventing us from functioning at our full potential.

Due to stress, chakras fill up with dense, negative energy. Energy flow gets blocked and manifests as emotional and physical distress, disease, harmful lifestyle choices and an inability to prosper. But there’s a way to reverse this cycle.

Quantum Energy Healing

We all have a Biofield, which allows us to receive and resonate with energy. To heal, we need to be receptive and attuned to healing energies. Though these are all around us, our Biofield is sometimes unable to access them.

Quantum Healing delves deep into the unmanifest level of consciousness to heal both body and mind. By using a shift in energy information fields, Quantum Healing restores your energy balance through potent tools that help you clear your chakras, allowing energy to circulate freely. Cultivating these can help you lead an abundant and graceful life, filled with ease, good health and better decisions.


AMIZED FUSION TECHNOLOGY enhances the resonating ability of your body at the subatomic level. It strengthens your Biofield to bridge the gap between your physical body and Universal Life Force Energy.AFT Quantum Healing products come encoded with corrective information in the form of waves. These waves boost your Biofield, allowing it to source Universal Life Force Energy from your environment like an antenna sources radio waves. This results in small- and large-scale improvements in your ability to heal yourself. Using this abundant energy, your Biofield neutralise any dense energy, correcting distortions and restoring your body and mind to their balanced, healthy states.

Renaé™ offers AFT Quantum Healing as a gentle yet powerful healing technique. Non-invasive but deeply transformational, it is designed to clear, balance and revitalise all your subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies and chakras). By influencing these, AFT Quantum Healing stimulates your body’s natural healing response simultaneously on all levels. This offers numerous therapeutic benefits for your mind, body and spirit. With Renaé™ by your side, you can empower yourself to heal.

Energy AttunementAFT Quantum Healing

Do you know that our body has an innate intelligence to heal itself? Help your body remain in the optimal balanced state using the latest Quantum Resonance Technology.

About ShaguftaChangévangelist

We can’t be what we need to be, by remaining who we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s right: success and self actualization require a deep transformation within us – not just who we are, but also how we think about who we are and what we need to do to change it for the better. My goal is to enable you to achieve just that.

Hi, I’m Shagufta Patel, and Renaé™ is my passion brought to life. Founded on the values of integrity, passion, and professionalism, Renaé™ will inspire you to live creatively, compassionately, and courageously.

Every session I offer – from Success Coaching, Essential Skills Coaching, Image Management, mBraining to Subconscious Change therapies – is dedicated to developing and enhancing your self-awareness, improve and actuate permanent self-improvement and enabling self-empowerment.

Walk with me, and I will teach you how to transform your inner and outer selves to create the path to your own well-being and success.

Don’t go through life passively, learn how to grow through life. Find The Spark of Change within you!

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Questions about therapyThe Most Common Questions

What is the difference between traditional healing, alternative healing and holistic healing?
Traditional or conventional healing is related to the healing practices taught in medical schools, applied  in hospitals, and used by doctors.
Alternative medicineis related to any healing practices that are not taught in medical schools, not used in hospitals, and not frequently used 
by physicians. Alternative healing also referred to as integrative or complementary medicine include herbalism, naturopathy, ayurveda
crystal healing, Hypnotherapy, sound therapy etc.. 
Holistic healing is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.  
How are the AFT healing specialty products made?
AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) is a proprietary technology that energizes the products to resonate at 
the Zero Point Field. In AMized Fusion Technology process, only natural minerals and elements can be 
ENERGIZED. First of all, products are cleaned from any negative contaminants and then they are charged 
in the vacuum chamber for over 21 days. This process is based on the application of Quantum Physics 
and Quantum Mechanics and further subjected to the energetic formulation and resonance encoding 
depending on the intended use. 
For who are these products suitable for?
These products are used as a catalyst for the Alternative and Complementary Medicine. It is suitable for 
all ages, geneders and even animals. These are suitable for those who want a holistic approach to 
How long does the effect last on people, and animals?
The lasting effect of the AFT Quantum Healing is subject to the subject’s energetic conditions. For some 
minor issues, you can see immediate results. Energy is similar to food, we take in energy and exhaust it 
constantly depending on our mood, activity, and environment. Sometimes pain or discomfort completely 
disappear and never returns and for some people requires additional healings to sustain the result. 
Are the AFT Quantum Products Unique & Exclusive
Absolutely YES! AMized Fusion TechnologyTM is a proprietary technology exclusively developed and 
owned by AMWELL. Nobody outside the company has the access to the technology.  
All AFT products are manufactured and marketed directly by the company and its authorized stockist and 
distributors. Each and every product manufactured comes with a Certificate of Authencity and seal. 
Some items like the AMwand and AMPendant have serial number inscribed on the back for easy 
Can anyone become an AFT Quantum Healing Facilitator?
AFT Quantum Healing Facilitator is an online certification program that is suitable for anyone who has a 
keen interest in Energy Healing or Alternative Holistic Practice. This is easy to understand the 
video-based tutorial course, which gives you all the essential knowledge and techniques to facilitate the 
10 Step AFT Quantum Healing onto others as in a professional manner. 
All participants are awarded the AFT Facilitator Certification upon completing the 5 Module online 
course, completing a simple online questionnaire on each module and attending a one-on-one 
conference meeting.     
Workshop Outline:
– Understanding Energetic Wellness
– About AFT Quantum Healing & Energetic Hygiene
– 10 Step AFT Quantum Healing
– Dos & Don’ts of AFT Quantum Healing 
For more information, contact