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“Thoughts become things – ask, receive and feel grateful for what you have.” I follow this mantra from the book “The Secret – Author, Rhonda Byrne”, for past 16 years and it transformed my life inside-out.

I am a risk-taker and I enjoy new experiences life brings to me with great lessons. Ola, I am Sonal & my expertise is to offer sessions on behavioral skills, HR coaching, Employability skills, HR intervention strategically along with MDP for Entrepreneurs/ Managing directors/ CEO’s/ CFO’s/ Managers/ Supervisors/ Executives & New Hires.

This wonderful experience where I have managed to touch the lives of more than 40,000 people so far in India and UAE has made me more grounded, approachable and aware.

Every roadblock I encountered, I made a deliberate choice to rewrite my thoughts, set my goals, and actioned a path to live worthwhile. I believe in sharing my knowledge by inculcating introspective activities which helps me and my coachee identify emotional, mental and behavioral gaps to work upon.

A journey of change and transformation, I’ve come too far to quit on myself now and I’m here to help you make the choices that leaves nothing to chance. You deserve the best, just as I believe that I do!



Hi, I’m Parag Tikekar, holding a Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering, followed by an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow, India. I have been extremely fortunate to have a banking career spanning more than 2 decades in various senior roles in Dubai and Qatar and also work as an Adjunct Faculty teaching different courses to Under-graduate and PG students, for reputed UK based Management schools.

I have been using my extensive experiences gathered during work (including international training programs and sessions that I have attended), and my teachings and engaging interactions with colleagues and students to also coach and empower others. This enables them to fast-track their learning and resolve many of their personal life’ or professional career related matters by getting personalized and be-spoke solutions for their benefit and future advancement.

The high-powered programs I offer are applicable for all adults and students and are customized based on unique individual requirements, and the buzzword is that you will not find any of these tips on Google or in any other course or Training program!

I look forward to welcoming you to these life-changing fruitful sessions so that you can go ahead and have a more fulfilling personal and professional life going forward.

Our PanelistSAKINA

As doting mother of two kids I decided to dedicate all my time completely to my children in their early years of infancy & childhood. Whilst they were growing up, somewhere the zeal and enthusiasm within me to  o something more always kept me in gear.

I pursued a course in special education to help children with special needs and completed my Diploma in Child Psychology. While working with children, I learnt that there is so much scope and room to work with
parents as well and that’s how my journey as a trainer started .Further, in continuation. I completed my MA in clinical psychology and also did an advanced course in Neuro-linguistic programming.

Working with children and parents also gave me a way to work with individuals to help identify the finer distinction in life, to support & help them achieve it. Thus having completed the Life Coach program, I practice meeting & communicating with people to arrive at solutions, help them take a leap into their life, and stay on the edge to do something different always.

Here at Renaé™ we do not only council you, we also coach mentor you to explore the horizons within. Hope to see you soon!