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About ShaguftaChangévangelist

“We can’t be what we need to be by remaining who we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s right: success and self actualization require a deep transformation within us – not just who we are, but also how we think about who we are and what we do to change that. My goal is to enable you to achieve just that.

Hi, I’m Shagufta Patel, and Renaé is my passion brought to life. Founded on the values of integrity, passion, and professionalism, Change With Renaé will inspire you to live creatively, compassionately, and courageously.

Every session I offer – from Success and Life Skills Coaching, to Image Management, mBIT and Subconscious Change therapies – is dedicated to developing and enhancing your self-awareness, improving and actuating permanent self-improvement, and enabling self-empowerment.

Walk with me, and I will teach you how to transform your inner and outer-self to create the path to your own well being and success.

Don’t go through life passively, learn how to grow through life. Find The Spark of Change within you!

My StoryHow I Became a Professional


Discover the spark of change within you!

Most people believe their circumstances define their lives. I believe that circumstances are important, and at the same time our lives are actually molded by the choices we make. And here’s the good news – if you’re brave enough to choose the life you desire, and have the wisdom and the knowhow to do this consciously, you will be reborn into a world of possibilities. That’s what Renaé means – to be reborn, to kindle the spark of change within you.

Every journey towards self-actualization begins with a single step – the decision to change. My journey began in 2010, when I was 37. After 17 years of being a stay-at-home wife, I finally admitted to myself that life wasn’t working out. Circumstances were tough and I had nothing to help or support me. All I had was my decision to change and the determination to transform my life, no matter what it took. I knew that I deserved more, and I was the only one who could do something about it. So I took the plunge and began building the life I desired.

Understanding yourself is key

This brought me to the second step in my journey – understanding what I wanted from life. I needed clarity about what I believed about myself and my own worth. The beliefs that held me back had to be shifted; the change I needed had to be both conscious and subconscious.

I wanted to be empowered and so I began my career. It’s been nearly a decade since my decision to change, and life has blossomed into boundless fulfillment.

I’ve never had to look back since.

My consistent self-improvement and the success that followed have taught me that we create our own opportunities. I’ve worked in many places, in a wide variety of capacities, and each experience in my life has left me with wisdom and skills that are essential for prosperity. This is what I want to share with you.

Now, working as a Changévangelist, I have come across many people who were just as I had been – unhappy with the way their lives were working out. I was able to guide them into helping themselves, to inspire them into growing consciously and consistently.

My devotion for learning from life, and the numerous techniques and skills I’ve picked up along the way, made me capable of forming deep connections with people and transforming their difficulties into empowering possibilities.

I found I was passionately drawn to being the inspiration I wished to see around me.


Here’s how I can help you

Through Renaé, I can teach you to make holistic and sustainable changes in your life, create meaningful relationships with yourself and the world around you to become the success you desire. Whether you and your loved ones are dealing with health issues that stem from a subconscious block, or whether you need the essential skills that ease away your difficulties and bring you to your thriving, Renaé can show you the way.

I have trained in all aspects of self change – from the techniques of Image Management & Success Coaching to the processes of mBraining, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Sleeptalk – empowering me to guide you to a life of health, happiness, and unbelievable blossoming. You only need to be a willing and sincere companion in the journey of change we will take together.

Life challenges you to move beyond your circumstances and create a better tomorrow. Every day that you choose status quo is a step towards stagnation. Empower yourself to break out of this cycle, and kindle the spark of change within yourself.

Reach out to me and choose the transformation that will bring you more than everything you have ever desired. Haven’t you waited long enough?

Why Therapy?

If you believe that “Therapy” is only for people with severe mental health issues, people on the verge of a collapse or only for people with depression, anxieties or OCDs; I urge you to change that now.

That one thought change can give you a new direction to a great life waiting for you. Therapy will help you uncover strengths within you that you didn’t know you had, leaving you with long-term coping mechanisms that you can use when faced with any challenge that stops you in your tracks. Once ingrained, you can eventually stop therapy as you have now learnt to manage yourself well.

Therapy is a temporary intervention by a professional that brings you permanent results. It is a high-value return for a small investment that you will make in yourself.

What to Expect

A good therapy should have a goal and if you are unsure or confused of what those are, a good therapist will help you figure it out together. Once your goals are met you will naturally ease out of therapy.

Professionally certified therapists are experts in how the human mind works. They are trained to identify the patterns, thought processes, behaviours & emotions that shape your life.

At Renaé, we understand that one size does not fit all. The sessions have to be designed & tailored to suit each individual’s requirement. We are after all unique and different in our own ways.

After every therapy session, you will emerge with a better frame of mind having learned the tools to effectively steer your life in the direction you desire. Sometimes, you will feel downhill before you start to feel better and that is normal. Important is to let your therapist know the feedback to get you faster results.

You might feel the need to meet your therapist more often when you begin to make the change. Whenever you feel that you have achieved what you came for or at least have the road-map for the way ahead, you will stop the sessions yourself. You are still welcome once in a while for a booster session to give you that push that we all need sometimes.

Expect nothing less than a Spark of Change.. maybe even a Firework!!!

My Credentials
Certified Member of IACT (International Association of Counselors & Therapists)
Certified Hypnotist – Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute (USA)
Certified Hypnotherapist – UK Hypnosis Academy
Certified Sleep-Talk Consultant – Goulding Institute (Australia)
Certified mBIT Coach – mBIT International (Australia)
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – School of Excellence
Certified Image Consultant – ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute)
Professional Diploma In Essential Skills & Success Coaching – ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute)
Pranic Psychotherapy & Crystal Healing Course Participant – World Pranic Healing Foundation
Certified REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Counselor